About Us

Boses ng OFW - Kasangga Mo was initially established in late 2021 as a political movement supporting the candidacies of then Presidential Candidate Bongbong Marcos Jr, Vice Presidential Candidate Inday Sara Duterte and the Uniteam Senatorial Candidates.

It started as a Facebook page founded by Mr. John Soriano Ananayo, a Certified Public Accountant based in Doha, Qatar. Through the campaign season, it partnered with Partido Federal ng Pilipinas - OFW International Affairs (Qatar Chapter) and became it's official social media platform.

After the landslide win of the Uniteam Candidates, it continues to be a platform to assist overseas migrant Filipino workers seeking help and guidance.

Today, we are an advocacy group that promotes the rights of overseas Filipinos, land or sea-based migrant workers, Filipino immigrants and their families. The center helps to improve the economic, social and political conditions of migrant Filipino families everywhere through policy advocacy, information dissemination, networking, capability-building and direct assistance.

We envision a society where justice, good governance, equal opportunity and gender equality prevails. It is one where migrants enjoy equal rights and protection regardless of nationality, ethnicity, religion, gender, occupation or residency status.

We work with:

  • Policy makers (national government and sub-national/LGUs)

  • Intergovernmental bodies (Regional & Global)

  • Migrants & Families and their organizations

  • Migrants Rights Advocates

  • National Human Rights Institutions

  • Other Civil Society Organizations, Trade Unions, and other sectors

  • Private Sectors/Recruiters

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Boses ng OFW - Kasangga Mo implements a variety of programs and services to help promote and protect the rights of migrant workers and their families.

The direct assistance program of Boses ng OFW aims to facilitate claims, reports and other complaints of Filipino migrant workers.

Boses ng OFW - Kasangga Mo provides immediate help to migrant workers and their families, especially those who are distressed, most vulnerable and need immediate help. This program documents cases and facilitates welfare, legal, representation, and livelihood assistance to victims of abuse, armed conflict and health hazards. Boses ng OFW works with government agencies, private institutions and other NGOs in pursuing this program. If you are an OFW in need of support, please send us a message here.